Excursion and Local Attractions

Excursion to Kletno

During the School we plan to organize an excursion to the "Bear's Cave" in Kletno. It is one of the biggest caves in Poland. Its name comes from the large number of prehistoric mammal bones that have been found inside, many belonging to cave bears (Ursus Spelaelus). It has been discovered in 1966 during the excavation works at quarry. The corridors opened to public are about 500m long and contain spectacular rock formations. More about the cave can be found here

The excursion will take place on Wednesday 17th of February. Total cost is estimated to be 45 Polish Zlotys.

Skiing in Lądek

There exists a ski area in Lądek Zdrój, located less than 2 km from the hotel. There are two lifts on the slope. The first lift is 400 m long with elevation difference of 70 m and the second one is 600 m long and its elevation difference is 120 m. Half-day lift ticket costs around 25 PLN (ca. 6 EUR). Price of daily ticket is 30 PLN (ca. 7.5 EUR). This slope is not that crowded what differs it from Czarna Góra.

Skiing in Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra is located 14 km away from Ladek-Zdroj. For very detailed description, including prices and current weather conditions, please see the official web site. For ca. 25 EUR we can hire a van (for 8 persons) which will bring you to Czarna Góra and back to Ladek-Zdrój.

About the region

The region of Kotlina Kłodzka (Kłodzka Dales) is known for its specific microclimate and therapeutic mineral spring waters. There are multiple sanatoriums and SPA complexes nearby. The closest one is old balneary 'Wojciech' (built in 1680, then called Marienbad), where you can have thermal baths in spring water. Other towns with old balneary are Kudowa, Polanica and Duszniki Zdrój. All of them are true havens of tranquility. But it was not always so. A grim reminder of past wars and plagues can be found in Kudowa Zdrój, where an eighteenth century chapel filled with skulls and bones of the victims can be found ("Kaplica Czaszek"/ "Skull Chapel"). Other reminder of the old times is the huge fortress in Kłodzko, the biggest town in the area. Both places are interesting tourist destinations.

If you simply like hiking in the mountains you can visit surrounding Stołowe and Sudety ranges. The first one contains a national park with two table mountains with beautiful rock formations and natural labyrinths on top.

More informations about Lądek Zdrój can be found on this webpage.

More detailed info about the region can be found on www.poland.travel.com.